About Our Programs

Special Education Self-Contained Programs

The Ridgefield Park School District has developed the following programs in order to meet the needs of our diverse student population while providing the students with the opportunity to attend their community schools. These programs are located within our three elementary schools and Ridgefield Park Junior-Senior High School.

Preschool Disabled Program:

The PSD Program provides our preschool-aged students who have been identified with a disability educational support in the five domains of skill development: social and emotional, fine and gross motor, communication, cognitive and adaptive. The program serves students between the ages of 3 to 5. One of our PSD programs is an inclusion setting, providing an environment where students are educated with non-disabled peers.

LLD Program:

The Language Learning Disabilities Program (LLD) is developed to meet the needs of our students with learning differences or difficulties with language or specific learning disabilities. This specialized program provides students with intensive interventions in the areas of Phonological Awareness, English Language Arts to support receptive, expressive and written language skills.

MD Program:

The Multiple Disabilities Program serves Kindergarten through 12th-grade students in a self-contained classroom that emphasizes the balance of a challenging curriculum with appropriate support and small group instruction. The classroom environment is developed to maximize the opportunity for inclusion into the general education setting to provide learning with their peers.

Autism Spectrum Program:

This self-contained program has been developed for students who demonstrate academic needs consistent with students on the Autism Spectrum. This class provides our students with small group instruction in a structured yet nurturing environment. We imbed the ABA approach to learning to provide our students with the opportunity to master skills with the goal of generalization of skills. Strong organization and work habits are infused into the daily schedule to provide a solid learning foundation. The Behaviorist works in collaboration with the teacher and the teacher assistants in this setting.

The Scarlet Studio (MD Program):

The Scarlet Studio Program is a Functional Life-Skills Program developed for middle school, high school and transition students all within a public school setting. This self-contained program combines community-based instruction, vocational skills and structured learning experience opportunities along with daily life skills and academics, to create a progressive and nurturing learning environment. Academics are infused with functional life skills to support the growth of students and their individual needs. Our students are taught through small group and individual instruction. Students also experience Community Based Instruction throughout our community and other local communities. Parent and community collaboration are intricate keys to this program's success. The Scarlet Studio strives to create an environment that is both supportive and compassionate for our students and their families.

The BD Program:

The BD Program is a self-contained class designed for students who may struggle with learning due to various non-academic issues. Some students may struggle with building or maintaining interpersonal relationships with their peers or teachers. Other students may display types of behavior that may be inappropriate in a school setting. Still other students may struggle with depression or a pervasive mood disorder. Students' academic, social and emotional needs are addressed through a combination of a highly structured learning environment along with a nurturing and supportive classroom staff. Conflict resolution and problem-solving is embedded in the program. Counseling is included on an individual basis. Providing classes in the general education setting is a priority so that students have the opportunity to be educated with their peers.

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